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The field of mental health can be a confusing one. Unlike the medical field where you have general practitioners and then specialties with names that clearly point towards whatever it is that is upsetting you, the mental health field has different kinds of professionals who look at the same problems in a slightly or very different way and have designed different pathways to take you back to a balanced, non-suffering state.

And then you can also get confused with what your friends are for… I mean you wouldn’t dream of thinking that you could talk to a friend instead of schedulling an appointment with your doctor, right? But many people think that a good network of friends kind of replaces the role of a psychologist which it really doesn’t!

So I’ve put up two short videos just to help you get this right: what’s the difference between a psychologist, a friend, a psychiatrist and a counselor? Have a look and if you still have some doubts, you know I’m here and will be happy to help.

Sara Taveira
Sara TaveiraPsychologist; CEO OP NZ
2017-06-30T07:36:49+01:0030 de Junho, 2017|
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