Quase tudo sobre ansiedade social

2018-03-01T20:03:11+00:00Março 1st, 2018|Ansiedade social, OP New Zealand, Psicoterapia, Sara Taveira, Serviços|

Dada a dificuldade em perceber o limiar entre timidez e ansiedade social, nem sempre as pessoas que sofrem de ansiedade social sabem que podem ser ajudadas. O objectivo deste artigo é permitir uma perspectiva abrangente que permita identificar sinais específicos de ansiedade social, reconhecer como funciona uma pessoa com ansiedade social quando tem interacções [...]

Pessimismo e depressão – mito ou ciência?

2018-03-01T20:04:57+00:00Fevereiro 16th, 2018|Depressão, Desenvolvimento Pessoal, OP New Zealand, Sara Taveira|

"Se fosses mais optimista, não estarias tão deprimido" - Mito ou ciência? Eventos negativos e inevitáveis ao longo da vida…. Quem não os teve, tem, ou acha que terá, atire a primeira pedra. Todo o ser humano, mais tarde ou mais cedo, com menor ou maior intensidade, passa por situações inesperadas e maioritariamente stressantes [...]

Dormir, dormir, dormir!

2018-02-01T10:59:03+00:00Fevereiro 1st, 2018|OP New Zealand, Sara Taveira, Sono|

O sono é fundamental para a boa saúde física e psicológica e não garantir o número de horas de sono suficientes a cada momento é arriscar muitas coisas importantes. Manter um bom sono é uma questão de bons hábitos, bastando cumprir algumas regras básicas. Em modo rápido e simples, deixamos-lhe 4 vídeos para que [...]

Am I introverted, socially phobic or just shy?

2017-08-11T10:02:33+00:00Agosto 11th, 2017|Ansiedade social, OP New Zealand, Sara Taveira|

When concepts have things in common, they also tend to get mixed and lost in their genesis somewhere in everyone’s mouth.  This leads to several misconceptions and incorrect information being spread across our society, especially nowadays with the global world wide web. A common misunderstanding is usually present between social [...]

Let’s try to sort this out!

2017-06-30T07:36:49+00:00Junho 30th, 2017|OP New Zealand, Psicoterapia, Sara Taveira|

The field of mental health can be a confusing one. Unlike the medical field where you have general practitioners and then specialties with names that clearly point towards whatever it is that is upsetting you, the mental health field has different kinds of professionals who look at the same problems in a slightly or [...]

Eating disorders

2018-10-31T12:39:01+00:00Maio 8th, 2017|Comportamento alimentar, Comportamento Alimentar, Sara Taveira|

Eating disorders are quite prevalent: in any given year you can find around 4-4.5% of people suffering from one of the most common ones. So let's have a look at their major symptoms and some of the causes that keep them in place and should be addressed in an effective treatment.  

Choose happiness!

2017-06-04T14:14:54+00:00Maio 4th, 2017|OP New Zealand, Sara Taveira|

We all want to find happiness, to smile and feel good about ourselves and our lives. This pursuit of happiness is intrinsic to human nature, with several studies revealing that people rated being happy as being more important than having meaning in life, being financially “comfortable”, etc. One would love if we could just have [...]

Winter is coming

2017-06-04T09:00:05+00:00Abril 30th, 2017|OP New Zealand, Sara Taveira|

We are all familiar with this title tagline from a famous TV Series. However, the expression is also highly used these days because of the difficulties of “surviving” through the winter, the so called, winter blues. On a daily basis, we can already notice the slight changes in mood in everyone’s faces, the sense that [...]

“Uncomplicating” stress

2017-05-30T07:43:01+00:00Abril 30th, 2017|OP New Zealand, Sara Taveira|

First things first: To master how to ease stress we have to understand it.   Stress can be explained as any adaptation required to a person. It is a physical and mental imbalance caused by internal or external factors, such as violence, change of habits, technology and perfectionism for instance. If this imbalance is restored [...]

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