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Oficina de Psicologia has the outstanding privilege to count on John Arden, PHD, first time in Portugal, for 2 days of intensive training in Brain-based Therapy and trauma, open to all Clinical Psychologists who wish to improve their clinical abilities according to the most recent guidelines in Neuroscience research.

Professor Arden is the author of 14 books, including Brain2Brain, The Brain Bible, Rewire Your Brain, and Brain-Based Therapy with Adults and Brain-Based Therapy with Children and Adolescents (with Lloyd Linford). Dr. Arden serves as Director of Training in Mental Health for Kaiser Permanente in the Northern California region.

At 25th and 26th of September, 2015, in Lisbon, the training will allow you to:

  • Understand why the future of psychotherapeutic interventions requires a broad dynamical comprehension of brain mechanisms and separation from the medical model
  • Know attachment’s role on the development of emotional regulation and on the recovery of trauma.
  • Know the relationship between nutrition and mental health.
  • Differentiate between implicit memory and explicit memory, its importance in therapy and recovery from PTSD
  • Recognize the influence of Mindfulness on brain’s functions e how to use it in anxiety disorders, PTSD and depression.
  • Understand the concepts of fast and slow tracks to amígdala and its impact on anxiety disorders.

Recent advances in neuroscience have increased our knowledge
of how and why people change. Brain-based therapy synthesizes neuroscience, evidence-based treatment, psychotherapy research, and attachment theory into a hybrid therapeutic model. This model helps identify which elements of psychotherapeutic schools are effective and which may be counter-therapeutic.
Brain-based therapy envisions the therapeutic process as brain changing as necessary to change mood and behavior. The model proposes moving beyond the theoretical school paradigm.

See full program here.

Training requires pré-registration of 90€ (no refund on this value, if you don’t attend the training).

Training’s total cost, tax included, dependes on how fast you pre-register:

  • Until 31st August: 195€
  • From 1/Set till 24/Set: 235€

Pre-registrations can be paid by PayPal here, or by bank transfer to Santander IBAN: PT50 0018 000329983202020 10; in this case, you should send transfer confirmatory to contacto@oficinadepsicologia.com.

You can also access our videoconference system, if you can’t attend in Lisbon, at our virtual training room; we’ve a very limited set of places available, so you better pre-register as fast as you can if you want to guarantee your place.

If you want, you can peak this video that shows the first part of a special preview Prof. John Arden lectured, through videoconference, exclusively for Oficina de Psicologia:


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[h2]Brain-based therapy – introdução.[/h2]
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