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Sara Taveira
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I love life, people, smiles, a good laugh and positivity. Perhaps these are the things that connect me with psychology. That visceral curiosity about the other, the need to understand who is this person I am dealing with.

Positive psychology tells us that the most effective ways to achieve moments of happiness are through the so-called “experience of flow” or acting out of generosity. With psychology I can put my skills to work for the benefit of others, which gets me in a state of complete absorption in the “here and now”, losing sight of my subjective experience of space and time. This process is intrinsically rewarding and fuels the flame of my passion for this area.

Although I do clinical practice with adults, it is working with children, adolescents and families where I find the greatest joy. Perhaps this is because I associate this work with potential: little diamonds, much less carved by life, thus with a greater window of opportunity to be finely shaped and prepared for life with the help of a deeply attuned therapy.

I consider myself to be an eclectic psychologist, focused on adapting the way I work to the singularities of each person. I am not very fond of following the trend of labeling with diagnostics and technical jargon, but rather to first understand the unique person with whom I am working with, and then adapt the working tools accordingly. Over the years of clinical practice, I have come to trust emotional work knowing it to be central to all processes of transformation and personal growth, so you will find that my therapy room has lots of space for your emotions to be dealt with.







From Portugal to New Zealand

The beginning of my journey with psychology starts many moons ago, while I was still a student. I was invited to be a trainee in the Counselling and Psychological Assessment Services of my University . This experience gave me the greatest gift: meeting an amazing professor and clinician, Dr. Marina Carvalho, who was a true role model and inspiration to become the best psychologist I could be, always seeking evidence based practices and high ethic standards.

After finishing my Master Degree in Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy, and although I always thought I would want to work mainly with adults, the work with children and adolescents was love at first sight.

Some of my former work experiences stand out for me like the most rewarding, at LAHGO (Liga Amigos do Hospital Garcia de Orta) where I had the opportunity to work in a psychosocial project for children and adolescents with risk-taking behaviours, their families and the school community. But most importantly, I met amazing colleagues, with whom I learnt tremendously and who showed me the magic of working with a supportive team, do the extra mile and challenge myself every day.

Unfortunately, Portugal’s financial crisis didn’t leave much room for my other personal dreams like starting a family and other life goals. This takes me to the next big chapter, the beginning of my journey in the “land of the long white cloud”, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Since 2014 I have been working in Child, Adolescent and Family Services for District Health Boards, providing comprehensive mental health assessments and treatment for children and adolescents between the ages of 0-18, with moderate to severe mental health problems.

If I had to highlight some projects I had the pleasure to be involved with, I would mention the Incredible Years Programme Specialist Service, specifically the Dinosaur School Programme (group therapy to treat children with conduct problems, ADHD, and internalizing problems) and the Parenting Programme; and the Eating Disorders Special Service/Pathway at Tauranga Hospital, which encompasses a comprehensive intervention from inpatient care to outpatient individual or family based therapy.

On top of all of this, I have joined ACC in 2015 as a provider for assessments and therapy, including sensitive claims assessments (ISSC)

  • New Zealand Psychologists Board Registered Clinical Psychology – Registration number 90-05537
  • New Zealand Psychological Society Full Membership
  • Several psychotherapeutic training certifications in Portugal and New Zealand for group therapy (GPS and Incredible Years) and individual treatments (CBT, Mindfulness, ACT, CRT, CBT-E e FBT, evidence based protocols for PTSD and complex trauma).

I will start by stating that I might share some of cats’ DNA, as I do love to sunbathe.

Food is another great passion as, in my culture, it usually goes together with family reunion. I take great pleasure from cooking for the ones I love and put a smile in their faces.

Motherhood has been, with no doubt, the joy of all joys and a highway to happy moments, personal growth and constant self-reflection.

Music is the noise in the background of my life. It allows me to personify emotions, it helps me to express myself and enables me to relate to others as well. My most recent personal goal is to learn how to play the guitar, so that I can sing and play with my child.

A good conversation undeniably makes my day and time fly.

What else… well, I am a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, a colleague, a neighbour, a society member, a citizen of the world….


As a psychologist

My favourite areas of intervention

I work with adults, children and teenagers. And although I find it very hard to choose areas of preferred intervention by diagnosis, here are a few of the situations and problems I usually work with, just so that you can have an idea of my overall preferences. Do not hesitate to contact me if you feel I may help you in any way.
  • Parental Coaching
  • Eating Disorders in children and adolescents
  • Family Therapy
  • Trauma
  • Personal development
  • Mood Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders

Some of my videos

Some of my posts

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